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With Summer ending and Fall approaching, we will see a shift in the weather and the wind, and in the death and dormancy of plants, weeds, grasses and insects.  Fall is one of the most common seasons we see inhalant allergies in dogs and cats, esp from pollen, mold, dander, dried weeds and grasses, dust and insects.  Circulating pollen and dust, inside and outside our homes, can affect our pets.  Clinical signs of allergies include biting or scratching more at any part of the body; licking or chewing at tops or bottoms of feet; shaking the head or scratching at ears; discharge, swelling and/or rubbing around the eyes; wheezing or “reverse sneezing”;  redness of skin, sores or hair loss; and decreased activity and energy due to scratching all the time.  Sometimes our pets will exhibit one or multiple clinical signs.  If you feel your pet is having allergies and would like to know how to best treat your pet, please give us a call at 623-298-4200.  We can evaluate your pet and decide which treatment course if the best option for you.  For more information, look to our website:


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