Please DO NOT abandon animals in front of our clinic!

We are NOT a shelter or rescue and we cannot legally board animals. If you are no longer able to keep your pet, please call us and we will provide you with additional resources for shelters and rescues. Leaving an animal is dangerous, abandonment and against the law.

This morning these two beautiful cats were found overheating/open-mouth panting, exposed to the HOT Arizona sun in two carriers at our front door. They are both spayed females. The tabby appears to be between 8-10 years of age and the black and white female appears to be a bit younger, perhaps 7 years of age. They are both overweight and suffered from severe matting on their backside. They have since been medically shaved on the matted areas of their lower back.


We are presently searching for a foster home ASAP. Please feel free to share this post. Call us at 623.298.4200 if you’re interested in helping these two beauties.

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